Whether you are setting up a personal account or business account, we can help you get started on using LinkedIn.

Walk-through setting up account
Basic Navigation
Adding Basic Information
Adding Projects, Pictures
Connecting with other people
Share your LinkedIn account
and more…

1 Hour Training:   $50.00

Google Applications

Whether it’s searching information through google, using google maps, gmail, google chrome, or google drive, we are able to help you with all google applications.

Google Search
Google Chrome
Google Play
Google Drive
Google Docs
Gmail (Google Mail)
Google Talk
Google Plus
and more…

1 Hour Training:   $50.00


Whether you want to simply watch YouTube videos, create and account, or upload videos to YouTube, we can help you get started. A few things we can train on:

Set up YouTube account
Upload videos
Watch videos
Save playlists
Install YouTube App
Edit videos
and more…

1 Hour Training:   $50.00



Whether it’s setting up a personal account, business account, or tweeting, we can help train you on twitter. A few training topics we can cover:

Setting up a Twitter Account
Posting Tweets
Adding Friends
Sharing your twitter
and more

1 Hour Training:   $50.00


Facebook is the most popular social networking site out. Let us teach you how to use it for personal use or for your business. Training topics include:

Setting up Facebook account
Posting status updates
Uploading pictures
Setting up business accounts
promoting your Facebook
Advertising on Facebook
Adding friends
and more…

1 Hour Training:   $50.00

Skype Training

Skype is the most popular way to communicate with family and friends via video chat. Let us train and connect you to all your friends today.

Setting up Skype
Installing WebCam
Adding friends
Creating skype session
Joining skype session
Skype with a group
and more…

1 Hour Training:   $50.00